Friday, April 30, 2010

Finally Friday

Day 5 of the renovation has been a short day. The dining room is prepped to texture and paint, the living room ceiling and new vent covers is beautiful. I wish we could tear down this house and rebuild. I asked the guys if I could have the kitchen for the weekend so they will start on that Monday. It's humid and warm but there are t-storms coming and a bit of a cool off as well. I've been doing "tutes" on youtube this morning searching for every kind of paper and fabric flower made. I'm in love with flowers. I've been making wired ribbon ones for over 15 years and have a boatload of those made up. They look beautiful on clothing, headbands, shoe clips or hair accessories. The tiny ones make darling earrings. Guess I'm back in the 60s Hour of the Flower Power, :D. I plan to get some herbies in this afternoon if the rain holds off along with one tomato bush. The lasagna bed is about 4 inches deep in leaves (absolute gold) so the newbies should have plenty of food and moisture as the leaves break down and the wormies come to stay. All the fish in the pond have managed to survive last week's ponding disaster and I found Denzel! I thought he had died but I saw him in the sun this morning. Just like his namesake, he is absolutely gorgeous. He's a fantail so is adorned in beautiful fins and tail. He's just really hard to see and he's always been shy. I'm glad he's still with me. The koi are more feisty than they have been in ages so maybe the total water changeout invigorated them. Probably a better oxygen ratio as well. I'm off to watch l more tute and craft some more. Happy Friday everyone!!

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