Monday, September 30, 2013

The State of the Nation

As noted in previous posts I am a Christian. A Believer. A born again human being. I've often wondered what the perfect description would be. There is a deeper commitment than just believing there is a God. A relationship that is more than the simple acknowledgement of some deity. I can say I'm a Baptist. Only in the past several years. Prior to that I was non-denominational. I grew up in a Bible church but now find beliefs are not very different at all. And then you throw in southern Baptist. Oh my. The images that that conjures up. Rattle snakes, no drinking, no dancing.....many take it more seriously. I wear pants. I wear makeup. At this point in my life I need all the help I can possibly get. Denomination and the very word "religions" cause many problems and is a problem with many people. Anyway. I'm a born again Christian believer and do a shameful job each day of being Christ-like and leaning completely on Him. I try.....but not hard enough. And yet, He speaks to me. All weekend long I kept hearing "I have overcome the world" and "Be still and know that I am God". And I do believe He is gently and lovingly chastising me for going all kung fu on stuff that has already been preordained. Now, I'm not Calvinistic and I think outcomes can certainly be changed by prayer. I've seen it happen too many times to not believe. So, on this day when the fight continues in Washington over a health care plan and a government shut down, I need to sit still and know that He is God and that yes, He has overcome this world.

I am going to make a confession today. I have been on anti-depressants since 1981. I'm a lifer. Tried several times to stop but the stuff just refuses to fire correctly in my little gray cells. So I place limits on myself. I don't watch sad movies, read sad books, watch the horrible news, turn off certain commercials as quickly as I can and keep myself in a cocoon all safe and warm from the evils of this world. Evil deeds of people. The senseless abuse and murder of children. And the elderly. And the animals. I avoid it because up until recently I have had a limit. Had too. Depression is an awful thing but thank God we can keep it at bay. With little tricks. That I use so I don't spin off into somewhere I won't want to return from. That's not the exact confession I was talking about. Mike and I were out to eat one evening and he mentioned Benghazi and the "video". He was surprised I knew nothing of what he was talking about. I said that I don't watch the news. Don't want to see the sad and head is happily stuck in the sand and thank you very much. That all changed the day of the terrorist bombings in Boston. I couldn't turn the TV off. I was saturated in it all. I had opened myself up to the evilness of the world and have not been able to go back to that sandy stretch of land in which I have always stuck my silly head. I found out what Benghazi was. Long after the fact. And I was ashamed. And I cried.....I still cry to this day thinking of my woeful and deliberate ignorance. What kind of American have I been? I support our troops, I mourn about 9/11 to this day. I hug soldiers whenever I have the chance and I thank them for keeping me safe. Until this administration that is. That isn't snarky. I just don't feel safe anymore. Sometimes I wonder who is more in denial: me or our president? They are out to get us. But I digress. So I was shamed beyond belief when I found out what happened in Libya. And the epitome of sacrifice those sweet and precious souls made. And still, there is no justice. But now I know and now I care and now I annoy most of my family who tell me to turn off the tv politics and move back to the ID channel which I haven't watched much of all since April 15. I like to think I'm a better person now. Or not. Maybe just informed and steeped now in the tragedy that is our earth. Our country. My America. And now this day brings more bickering between people who aren't worth the paper they write on. All of them. I'm being snarky across the one is safe and what I thought I believed and knew has been shaken. Because I don't understand why our politicians don't listen to the American people. It's out there. Our wants and wishes. No we don't all agree but let's work together. And I will remove snark from my vocabulary. And you can marvel at my stupidity and I can scratch my head at yours. But southern bless all of our hearts. Let's take care of our own. Build up our military. Do away with racism. Racism of blacks. Of whites. Of hispanics. Who else? There is so much evil out there. Let's put money back into our nation. Stop the spending. Pay off the interest and debts America is smothered in right now. And for a long time has been. This isn't Bush. This isn't Obama. This isn't Carter. This isn't on and on and on and on. It's ALL of them. We are where we are today because of them all. Even my hero Reagan. Even my daddy's man Nixon, LOL. God created us each and everyone in His own image. Not sure what happened to some of the common sense he has bestowed on us. I've turned on TV to catch the president's address in a minute. I would love for him to get up and be a cheerleader for America. I would love to him to say we have got to work together no matter who or what. Make us believe in America and the wonderment of this beautiful country I now longer understand. Don't shut down the government Mr. President. Please. Lead us. Bring us together. Treat everyone equally because we are back to that again. And ask God's blessing on this needy, godless, unhappy and desperate country that you were voted to lead. Be a Leader. Rise above the rhetoric, the ugliness, the blame a President.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The State Of My Heart

As I have stated in the past this isn't a Mom Blog. Yes, I am a Mom to 3 of the most perfect children on earth. Do you know why? Because God has blessed Mike and I. And, they no longer live at home, LOL. I miss my boys. I loved having them at home.....I am lost without that job to do any longer. Jordan has added a wonderful daughter in law to our family of 4 and we are so blessed. So blessed.
I do love crafts but most of the time I see a project on another page and simply do it. Of course some times I tweak a bit and have my own crazy creativity let loose. There really isn't much new out there anymore. Every won do derful, crafty, talented, creative person has invented them by now. I am privy to what is coming out for Plaid from my "adopted" babies Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza but usually I forget more than I remember, LOL. I did have a wonderful time in the 90s designing primitive samplers for one quilt shop and the Dallas Quilt Show and they are becoming quite popular again so I may get out a blank piece of paper and have another go at it. It would be nice to get the juices flowing again. I may surprise us all. Who knows?
I enjoy cooking. After 40 years of marriage I am so tired of the recipes I have made for nearly half a century. Did I just say that? Good grief, where has time gone? I am thankful for Pinterest and am a rabid pinner every day. I have fixed several recipes and it gives me joy to cook something new. Some are pretty darn good but we have had the "don't think I'll make this again" moments. So be sure to ask about my Pinterest Boards. They have some awesome recipes. And, I have a few of my own I will share from time to time right here. They will be easy and hopefully frugal for us all. Plus I love the fall. There is def "fall" food that really tastes best during this time of year. Now fall in Texas usually means it stays in the 80s but occasionally Mother Nature surprises us. I love fall. I love Halloween. Our holiday season kicks off officially with Labor Day. Fall and Halloween decorating begins and our house becomes a haunted home during this time. I've decided this year to focus more on the front porch and yard and back off a bit on inside decor. It has finally gotten to be too much and I realize I have to make some hard decisions about all of the stuff I have accumulated over the years. After the boys left, it just has not been the same. It took all 4 of us to answer the door, run the boom boxes, fog with the machine and stand guard over our big front yard cemetery. I'm okay with that. The front porch theme is black crows and I am having so much fun. I will do my Lemax village and also my black cat display in the kitchen. November 1st it all comes down and Christmas begins. We celebrate Thanksgiving but with Christmas throughout the house.
So that is the future of my blog. What is on my heart is shame. I have a terribly sarcastic mouth. I get angry very quickly. I voice my frustration. Sometimes I let a bomb or 2 drop. It is something I am not proud of but there it is. So I will post my thoughts religious and political right here. Facebook is overheated with snarkisms and people who stop by to try to change minds. My thought has always been that we all have our own ideas. Are they all smart? Shucks, no. But we have soldiers dying and 4 fine men in Benghazi and people in those planes on September 11 that fought for MY right to think as I believe is true. To silently disagree and either pray for others or think to myself how I stupid can they be? Not nice! At all! How do I honor my heroes of freedom? By being kind in my comments and how I react to other's comments. That honors my God and those fallen heroes. I think that is a good thing. I pray so.
Now on to politics and how the decisions of our government have affected the Brod Abode. And for those who come out better, then be on your knees thanking God for His goodness. The Affordable Health Care act is a nightmare. For this family. For others I am reading about, seeing and researching. BUT, there is good mixed in with the WTHeck? Mike has been a pharmacist for more years than some of you have been alive. But the mere threat of ACA has cost lasting repercussions as we see what has happened in anticipation of this bill. Act. Law. Ruling. For us our insurance has already changed 2 times this year. Since January. We are getting bills we never got before. The coverage is much different than what we have been blessed with through Mike's hard work over nearly 4 decades. He got his notice that changes due to AHA are on the near horizon. Less coverage, more money. That goes against everything President Obama campaigned on and promised us as Americans. We are far from being alone. So for us this law is not welcome since Mike is in the healthcare business and we have insurance provided by who he is employed by. I had never in my life seen a foreclosure notice and EVICTION notice until this past year. The house across the street. The gentleman there lost his job in 09 and couldn't get another. My best friend's husband's job got outsourced. She had to go to work and he finally got put on full time at a job that pays dramatically less than he made before the last administration outsourced so many jobs. They can no longer afford some of the meds that keep them going. Such a shame. Is it worth it? So no, we are not in support of Obamacare and my prayer and wish is to have it delayed for the regular citizens as certain groups have been excused and delayed for a year. We need that too. That is what I support. I so admire Ted Cruz but I think he is wrong. A care act can work but most Americans are not against it since the truth is being revealed and people are wading through the thousand pages and finding out the hidden baddies amonst the goodies. Rework it. Make it easy. DO make it affordable for all and encourage those who are used to government help to get a job. At McDonalds if you have to. I'm willing to work there in a pinch.  One year delay for Americans. Who voted. Who put these people in office. Who will vote these people OUT of office. Aren't they supposed to be working for America? I don't see it anymore. It's time to reign Washington in. Democrats, Republicans and whatever the new catchy name for the newbies is. My affiliation? Not much any longer. I'm an American. I believe in America under the guidance of God. I believe our focus should be what the founding father's idea was. I'm not sure Little George was right when he said at the dedication of his library that "the best is yet to come for America". Don't see it right now but I do trust and believe in God and every single day we need to hit our knees in submission to Him and to pray that He will Bring Back The Glory.
So, this is me. This is my blog. Sometimes you will want to read it and sometimes you will not. But it is truly me. Warts and all. I am a smart mouthed, sarcastic, sometimes temper driven person. But you know what? God has forgiven me. Amen.

Monday, September 16, 2013

God Shed His Grace On Thee

Another sad day for America and our fellow Americans. What have we become? It's easy to blame guns and the need to disarm Americans. That is exactly what  the hope of many of our politicians is which will solve nothing. People who want a gun will get one. People who want to kill will find a way. How this poor soul managed to get into the navy yard is beyond me. He badly wanted in it sounds like. Have we become so lax in our awareness, our comfort zone that it has enabled some man to get through what should have been excellent government security? Are we complacent? Asleep? I do not understand this at all. Taking guns away would not have prevented this tragedy today. This man served our country. What brought him to this? Why didn't someone see the desperation in this man's heart? But even when our government is warned as we were by Russia about the brothers who blew people, mere children to bits. We were made no difference. So I have to wonder if our government is alert at all to the real dangers all around us or are they so wrapped up in things they shouldn't be that our lives are sacrificed to whatever happens. I said on Facebook earlier that we have become diluted. Not deluded but diluted. We are so afraid of being politically correct, of saying something or doing something that might be taken wrong or offending another race in our country.  We have fallen asleep in so many places with the door wide open and we might not like what gets in. I have said something similar to that before. We have kicked God out of our country, our homes, towns, states, lives and believe me. Someone will and has taken His place. And it terrifies me. I never thought this would be my America. But sadly it is and people are dying all around the world because of our attitudes. Yes, we are free to believe what we choose, to say what we choose and yet so many times we are castigated simply because of the beliefs that we were raised with. Diluted once again. We can no longer say what it is on our heart for fear of being misunderstood or simply getting trounced. We each have the right of free speech AND to bear arms. That doesn't mean we have the right to blow people away or be unkind in our comments. Which is hard for me. I have a sarcastic mouth. I am not proud of this.

Today our United States Navy was attacked. Regardless of why, or how, people are dead and a man desperate man took into his own hands something that only God has the right to do. Tonight hit your knees and pray for the heart broken. They are in America. They are in Syria. They are in Iran. They are all over and God is what they need. Really simple. Pray that this pitiful country will turn to God once again. Pray for strong leaders. Pray that we will all come together and make this a great nation, under God, once again. Too much sadness. Too much focus on ME. Too many people who's hearts are shattered and bring them to do bad things. Their lives are not controlled by Our Savior. Because greater is He that is in us than he that is of this world.
God bless America, her people, her leaders and bless people all around the world.