Monday, September 16, 2013

God Shed His Grace On Thee

Another sad day for America and our fellow Americans. What have we become? It's easy to blame guns and the need to disarm Americans. That is exactly what  the hope of many of our politicians is which will solve nothing. People who want a gun will get one. People who want to kill will find a way. How this poor soul managed to get into the navy yard is beyond me. He badly wanted in it sounds like. Have we become so lax in our awareness, our comfort zone that it has enabled some man to get through what should have been excellent government security? Are we complacent? Asleep? I do not understand this at all. Taking guns away would not have prevented this tragedy today. This man served our country. What brought him to this? Why didn't someone see the desperation in this man's heart? But even when our government is warned as we were by Russia about the brothers who blew people, mere children to bits. We were made no difference. So I have to wonder if our government is alert at all to the real dangers all around us or are they so wrapped up in things they shouldn't be that our lives are sacrificed to whatever happens. I said on Facebook earlier that we have become diluted. Not deluded but diluted. We are so afraid of being politically correct, of saying something or doing something that might be taken wrong or offending another race in our country.  We have fallen asleep in so many places with the door wide open and we might not like what gets in. I have said something similar to that before. We have kicked God out of our country, our homes, towns, states, lives and believe me. Someone will and has taken His place. And it terrifies me. I never thought this would be my America. But sadly it is and people are dying all around the world because of our attitudes. Yes, we are free to believe what we choose, to say what we choose and yet so many times we are castigated simply because of the beliefs that we were raised with. Diluted once again. We can no longer say what it is on our heart for fear of being misunderstood or simply getting trounced. We each have the right of free speech AND to bear arms. That doesn't mean we have the right to blow people away or be unkind in our comments. Which is hard for me. I have a sarcastic mouth. I am not proud of this.

Today our United States Navy was attacked. Regardless of why, or how, people are dead and a man desperate man took into his own hands something that only God has the right to do. Tonight hit your knees and pray for the heart broken. They are in America. They are in Syria. They are in Iran. They are all over and God is what they need. Really simple. Pray that this pitiful country will turn to God once again. Pray for strong leaders. Pray that we will all come together and make this a great nation, under God, once again. Too much sadness. Too much focus on ME. Too many people who's hearts are shattered and bring them to do bad things. Their lives are not controlled by Our Savior. Because greater is He that is in us than he that is of this world.
God bless America, her people, her leaders and bless people all around the world.

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