Monday, August 5, 2013

Obama Care

I have seen, heard, watched, read about Obama Care as much as I want to by now. What seemed like a good idea to so many in America has begun to lose it's luster. More and more people are realizing that it was a quick sell without enough research being done. I am one of those people. And I can back up my beliefs by simply watching our politicians, unions, president and government employees beginning to say, "hey, wait a minute" when they realize they will have the same care. Ex presidents have a cushy life and will never have to worry about health care. They should start worrying about global government, healthcare and cities going bankrupt because they spent what they did not have and believed promises by politicians convincingly saying they would not let anyone go under. Hmmmmm.
So rather than do this on Facebook where everyone can see, jump in and leave a snark, or imply because you don't agree with them you are stupid. Believe me, I would love to see this all play out and succeed or die a slow death before I take a stand. Not near enough research has been done. And who do you trust for honest, unbiased, non partisan statistics? Flip the channel you get 5 different versions.
So sound off here. I would rather certain language not be used for the sake of my elderly family members and youngsters, so please be kind ( I'm trying hard too) and speak your pieced and back it up with statistics if available.

1. Did Obama care, when initially introduced, provide proof that it would be good for all Americans regardless of race or wealth? 

2. Why will Obama care work for every American, not cost more money, not change coverage, not change companies? Sound good? Yes, maybe TOO good. How will it enrich your lives and the lives of your loved ones? What statistics prove the president is and can be making good on his promises?

3. Why will Obama care NOT work for every single American regardless of race, wealth, health or age? What are the statistics that prove that this is true?

4. Does government aide need adjustment before America takes on something as huge as Obama Care? Why?

5.  Is the affordable care act legal or the decisions now being made by the president to delay for the few but not for the majority of the voters? Is that legal?

6. And finally, I would like to think that the majority of the American voters have had a love/hate relationship with the IRS at the very least. But, do you really want this organization taking over your private health care records and running Obama Care? Why or why not?