Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Joshua Michael Brod

Thirty four years ago today God blessed Mike and I with our son, Josh. He was born at the hospital in Lewisville, 6:47PM weighing 7 lbs. 8 1/2 oz and was 20 inches long. And we were in awe of him. He was perfect, he was safe and he was ours for as long as God chooses.

We fell in love with your big blue eyes which are one of your most striking features today. I love your quick wit and your sensitive heart. I loved spending time with you and watching scary movies all day, going to the Galleria and Benegins for lunch and watching you grow. I loved that you enjoyed bringing friends over because I fell in love with them. I'm proud of how hard you worked on your projects and continue to do so in your life today. You have a work ethic when so few do. I love that you have worked with Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity, that you are ready to help and take care of people and that you still get a tear in your eye when you see something that troubles you. You love animals (except my birds) and you take excellent care of them. You are head on and straight to the point and you stand rigidly by your beliefs. You take charge, Granddad would be proud, and you forge on with that strong conviction of yours. You love to cook, I love that about you and you are a wiz at computers and all things scientific. I'm proud of you for the radios you build (Granddad Brod would be thrilled), the computers you take apart and put back together and that you love to fly and want to become a private pilot. 

There are so many more things that come to mind as my mind's eye wanders back over the past 34 years. You have been amazing to watch grow, mature and build a life of your own. And I am so glad to have you back down here instead of up in Minnesota. This is the first birthday we have been with you since 2007 and I'm thankful, thankful, thankful. I see you in your Winnie the Poo footie pajamas, I see you in your tuxedo, I see you in your soccer uniform and your Marcus High School band uniform. I see you excitedly decorating for Halloween and eagerly opening up your presents on Christmas morning. I see you walking home from school just around the corner. I see you with your He Man toys, your Legos, in your fort, on your swing, in our pool. And I see you grow as my mind travels back and I see your interests change and how things matter differently to you today. I see you and Jordan and I watching Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer in the game room. I see your excited faces when it is over and I ask you "who will be coming soon here?" And your eyes shine as you yell Rudolph. I see you and I screaming at the same time over a scary movie, I see you and Daddy at work on some project, I see you in your Scout uniform and your soap box derby car. I see so much and I smile with tears in my eyes. Because I know we can never bring those times back again but that they are locked in our minds forever.

I love you so much! 
Mummers 2-1-2014