Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Dog Soon!

I can't believe it's been nearly 3 months since I posted! OMGosh......I thought life would slow down once that "certain age" was attained life would slow down and we will enter the golden age of relaxation and slowing down. Well, the Lord says His time is not ours and His ways are not ours and we saw that in spades this summer. So with our faith and trust in someone greater than us we have forged ahead. And been blessed in a way we weren't quite ready for but knowing someone has our backs each and every moment of every day is a comfort.

In May we were told that Mr. Mike would no longer have a job after June 27th. He has worked for Medco mail order pharmacy and then Express Scripts for the past 10 years. After working in retail for 30 years he was ready for a change. Those of you who are in retail and those of us who have worked that merry go round know of what I speak. It's daunting in this "entitled age" of which we live. Shame on people who get ugly, snarky and beyond having to wait because most pharmacies now are working with the bare minimum in staffing. It's the way of the world. If your job hasn't or wasn't outsourced at sometime be thankful you have a job. We are grateful for those who do. But back to OUR predicament.  You layoff almost several hundred pharmacists in a very short span of time everyone is looking for that coveted pharmacy job. Which we thought would never happen. The world would always need another pharmacist, right? After adding 2 pharmacy schools in the state of Texas there is an endless supply of younger and willing to settle for less pay pharmacists hitting the work force.  Long story short.....Walmart has given Mike a job. Again and we are so thankful they did even if it means working farther away than ever. So he is back to work, "training" again and we are looking at a future in which we might be separated a bit. At least until retirement and we both hit the medicare age. But he has a job and thank you Lord for that and for all the wonderful things you have given us and done for us.

And in the last blog post my heart was cracking just a little bit open regarding a new dog for our home. That really didn't go as far as I thought it might so we are still dog less. Those of you who follow me know we have done greyhound rescue for nearly 15 years. Our most loved precious boy Challenger (Chuck) passed away, suddenly, in December and our hearts were broken to bits. I have struggled daily with the loss since then. I could not rise above it because all I wanted was my boy back. I still do after 8 months. Then a picture popped up on Facebook that ripped my heart opened and in Twilight speak I "imprinted" on this sweet little dog. He is in Lubbock in their wonderful SPCA foster program up there and is undergoing treatment for demodectic mange and it will be a long road. His little face looked into my heart and soul and took my breath away. And I applied for him. And by some miracle he will be ours after his treatment is complete. It looks like it will be a couple of more months before he is ready to move so keep him in your prayers so his treatment will be successful and he will thrive with us. Everyone says "what is he" "how old is he" "where did he come from" "how much does he weigh" "will he get bigger?" Honestly I laugh and say it makes no difference to me and I have no idea how to honestly answer those questions. It doesn't matter to me. He was pitiful, he is changing right before our eyes in pictures his foster shares and I knew he needed to be part of the Brod Abode. And my friends on Facebook said there will be no shortage of babysitters for that sweet boy that everyone is in love with. And my family is excited to see him as well. So my heart went from cracked open to full of our new little man Howie. Howie and Hoot! What a "hoot" that will be and we look forward to it. So in a few weeks we will have Howie and while he doesn't come close to filling Chucky's paws but he will be so special in his own way. He will go everywhere with us but Mr. Mike did say I have to let him walk on his own 4 paws once in a while. What? Me go overboard?

My cataract surgery is over and a success. I was finally able to go back into the garden and work in the few things I was planted this year.  I had to take many weeks off but next year will be different and I'm attempting a serious fall garden here in the Lone Star State. I've always said if you don't know, then try it. You might be really surprised. So we're signing off now and hopefully blog soon.

Love from Deb and Hoot (The Crafty Cockatiel)