Friday, August 3, 2012

 Can't believe it has been so long since I have posted. So many wonderful things have happened since November and so many new things in the works that I will be sharing. Still busy busy crafting and reading. Many new crafting ideas and new projects. I'm not sure my life is interesting enough to post every day but I will be on here as much as possible

I am reworking my Etsy store and a friend and I are currently working on a new site and group on Facebook for destashing everything crafty. This will include new or gently used crafting items of all types and will be the perfect place to shop for supplies that are priced very reasonably. I can't wait to get this all launched and share with you.

I continue to admin. 3 pages on Facebook. Two are Extremely Crafty Hoarders and Extremely Crafty Hoarder Holidays. The one fan page on Facebook I co admin. is for Steve Piacenza and Cathie Filian of Creative Juice, Craft Wars and the new Podgeable collection for Mod Podge. We finally got to meet in person last November for dinner when they were here for a Michaels' live online craft show. They were here a couple of weeks ago as well for a Michael's grand opening in Irving and mini Craft Wars competition. It was soooo good to see them again. Yesterday they sold a new show to a major daytime network.....looking forward to this in 2014.

In April I had foot surgery to try and repair some nerve damage that occurred sometime after my back surgery. I had to stay off of my foot for 2 months. Absolutely no weight on it. A real challenge for me but I got quite a bit of Christmas crafting in before I hit the streets again. Still making these Folded Square Ornaments and will post a link to a tutorial soon as well as share some of them I have finished. They are so much fun once you get the hang of it and practice a bit.

The entire family is doing well. Kids are all busy working at their variety of jobs and Mike is still a pharmacist for Medco for the time being. They are beginning to lay off so many and we are praying that Mike survives the cut or that they don't close his facility. So scary. This election coming up is so very important and needs much prayer as well as prayer for the country. God shed his grace on America and we have kicked him out. Such a shame. I signed up yesterday for a political prayer group with Billy Grahams organization to stay motivated and on task.

Mike and I are going to give a vacation another stab this fall. No tripping and breaking bones this year. We are heading out to Long Beach California to stay on the beautiful, historic Queen Mary for a week. Mike's father was aboard her when he traveled to Europe with the Navy during WW2. It has special memories for us and I am beyond excited to be able to do this. It is during the month of October when the Queen will be all decked out for Halloween and Dark Harbor is in full swing. We will see my uncles and aunt and spend sometime with the Filians and Steve Piacenza while there. I think Cathie and Eddie are going to stay on the Queen one night with us. Should be fun.....I will definitely watch where I am walking....

Guess that's it from Texas in the summer. 100+ temps all week long. Am looking forward to the first cool front and open windows. But we have a ways to go!!!

Blessings, Deb