Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What a Birthday!

What a lovely weekend and it continued into yesterday. I had dozens of birthday wishes on Facebook from some people I actually went to grade school with and many of us have remained fairly local. I can't imagine what we would have though back in the early 60s if someone had tried to explain a computer that would fit on our laps rather than take up one entire room. Or the concept of social networking. Or the fact that one day we would turn 58!

On Friday our oldest, Joshua Michael 33, flew in from Crystal Minnesota. Mike and he had kept this a secret from me once again. He does this about three times a year and I'm always caught unaware. What a wonderful, blessed surprise. He and his dad went to the gun range to try out the newest gun we purchased for Josh for his birthday this month. Friday night they all headed out to our second son's, Jordan William 30, ice hockey game at 11:00 PM!!!!!! Too late for me and I was sound asleep when they got in. Saturday we hit what is fairly new to us our mass transit system for a trip into the west end of downtown Dallas. We ate at a wonderful little pub we happened on. The staff were awesome awesome, the food good and the atmosphere relaxing. After that we headed to the Dallas World Aquarium (my choice) and spent a couple of hours or so there taking pictures, enjoying one another (and about a million other people) and seeing more birds than fish. It was gorgeous and once again I am in awe of the creatures we are fortunate enough to live with. Even the dreaded snakes and spitting frogs. They are beautiful to behold. It was a great afternoon. I didn't fall down and used what stairs I felt brave enough using and got some much needed walking in too. We boarded the train for home so Lauren and Jordan could go feed and walk our grand dog Jasper and we could take care of Chucky. Then it was back to our house for pizza and we thought game night as well. It was refreshing to see the kids ready to head for home without games shortly after nine. Our babies are growing up and feeling it a bit now.

Yesterday (my actual birthday) I ran a few errands and went to visit the baby bird I purchased but have left at the bird shop. It was recently weaned and the staff prefers to keep them an extra couple of weeks to make certain they are thriving. I get to pick Hedwig up on Friday. Crashed the rest of the afternoon. Then Mike's sister Betty came over bearing chocolate goodness in the form of her famous "whacky cake" and we pigged out on Rosa's Taco Tuesday. It was a super, great day as well. I am blessed to have such a solid and mostly local family.

Today is Wednesday and typically I have tried to keep it set aside for Deb's Day aka Do Nothing Day. Kind of re-charges me for the rest of the week and weekend and being a stay at home wife and mother to all pets we need to set aside a day because let's face it. We are always at our place of "employment" so it's easy to start a load of laundry or dishes or sweep up that mess. So take a day or afternoon for yourself. Make sure the kids and hubs understand you need that time as wives and mothers. It gives you that charge to be super woman the rest of the week.

Happy Wednesday everybody.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Easiest Cake You Will Ever Bake! Promise.

1 box chocolate cake mix (your choice)
1 container coconut pecan frosting or German chocolate frosting

Mix cake as directed on box. Add the frosting last. Bake per directions on box for a bundt cake.  Tell everyone it took hours and you had to have a nap after fixing it. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Changing it Up!!

Howdy from north central Texas! It's Deb the blogger who never blogs! But I do have some changes in the works. First the title: has been changed from Fluffy Goat Feathers to The Brod Abode. The jury is still out on whether it will affect my page on Facebook and my Etsy shop. What do you all think? Is it better to have a uniform name and is it possibly confusing to have more than one name? I'm thinking of going with the one name just to keep it simple.
Obviously I will never be the blogger Ree Drummond (LOVE) is or even some of the favorites I follow. That used to bother me because I thought the blog needs to follow in successful foot steps but I realized that's not necessarily me. I will occasionally have a meltdown here, something I'm sure Ree would never do and true crime may be discussed more than recipes or gardening stories. Although it will still fit the Fluffy Goat Feathers "layout" of gardening, crafting, cooking, reading, pet care, holidays it will drift from what we all deem dream blogs. Be sure to check out my Pinterest page (under Deb Brod) to see some of the super blogs I am inspired by. 

I admin. several Facebook pages and one Facebook fan page for my darling babies Steve Piacenza and Cathie Filian. It pretty much runs itself because we have great followers so I only pop in occasionally. I admin. 2 Crafty Hoarder pages, my own page and The Little Shop of Hoarders where we sell ALL kinds of crafting supplies at awesome prices. Please check those out as well. My Fluffy Goat Feathers page on Facebook is where I sell jewelry making supplies and crafty trims and ribbons. Occasionally knitted and crocheted items will show up and so will holiday/seasonal items. Please "like" my page and check out the shop to tell me what you think. Etsy is still under Fluffy Goat Feathers as well but as mentioned above I'm thinking major changes are needed there as well. I can always be contacted through this blog and through Facebook and would love to hear that someone may actually read my posts.

Looking forward to a stunning spring in the herb, flower and veggie gardens this year. AND a well planted koi pond once again. As many of you know I had scoliosis surgery in November of 2010 to correct an 80 degree curve in my spine. Basically, my spine was taken apart and rebuilt. I've had issues below the knee on my left leg and foot where swelling continues daily and there is a great loss of feeling as well. Some day I will get back to trying to figure out what needs to be done. I tried to get started with a neurologist in September of 2011 only to break my femur in October in Hawaii. Yes, I'm a klutz of Bella Swan Cullen proportions. I had foot surgery to correct toe problems that occurred from the compression stockings I wore following back surgery. It's an endless cycle but I've managed to stay upright, no more breaks or trips to the hospital so this spring I'm positively chomping at the bit to get outside and get my hands dirty. Are you planning your garden yet? I think in this day and age it is almost needed with food prices and financial unrest worldwide. Gardening is a good thing.

See you soon!!!!
Deb in Tex