Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bring On The Clowns

Everywhere I look this morning is some blurb about "who won the debate" last night. I have asked myself time and time again do I REALLY care? Does it really matter in the scheme of things or simply the long run? I've thought about it and thought about it this morning wondering if I am just apathetic or I'm on to something. I've read scripture and prayed. And then, it came to me......if America doesn't win then what does it matter? Should the American people not be the winner in this election? We are not winning now and while I do not believe President Obama is capable of leading us out of this situation I wonder if Romney can do any better? Obama had positive, lofty goals which he was unable to achieve. I honestly believe he thought he could do what he said he could. And in his defense, the problems in our country started decades ago. You can't blame Obama or President Bush or Clinton or Reagan. Each has had a hand in the demise of our nation but I truly believe it began with the hostage crisis President Carter did nothing about in the 70s. We lost a great deal of our image then and many lost faith in our leaders at that time. We all can argue and play the blame game but does that insure America a victory? Should this election not be about America and her people who have faithfully fulfilled their obligations to the government year after year, regardless of who was in power?  I look at the pictures from last night and all that runs through my head is "Bring In the Clowns". These men have been prepared and coached and tested so that they are as ready as they can possibly be prior to the debate. This is not some college extemporaneous contest to see who can come up with the best answer on the fly. They are prepared! And the moderator is prepared. Perhaps just a blue collar American citizen should moderate with a "prepared" set of questions that Americans want answered, straight from the heart. My first question would be "Do you love America"? I have several others prepared as well that speak to the very soul of patriotism but won't launch into that here. America must win, everybody. I can't imagine running for president for any other reason but love of the country, true, dedicated, I will die for you love of America. Neither of these men qualify. It has become a contest of snarky remarks, political propaganda, whose wife wears it well, which family is more attractive, blah, blah, blah. It is not about that deep abiding love of country anymore. I think that ended with Reagan possibly. Just my opinion and my belief. I'll temper that by saying I loved Reagan with all my heart but he was an actor. Perhaps that is what today's politician needs: acting lessons. To lull us in to a false sense of security while people IN America go hungry, we sink farther in to debt, jobs continue to be out-sourced, unemployment is at a tragic rate, homes are being foreclosed....and we are lulled by one of THESE men into thinking he can fix it. Bring on the clowns.
At the foot of my Daddy's grave is a brass marker commemorating his time in the Navy during the Korean War with the verse dear to him: "Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land"  2 Chronicles 7:14. That works for me. We were once a Godly nation, solidly one nation under God and that has been swept away so that we could be politically correct and not show favoritism to any special group. Too late. We are now that group. America needs a leader who loves Her. Who would die for Her. Who's values are based steadfastly in the Bible and the teachings there. Why can't these 2 men sit down and say that they are unable to do it alone much less waste precious time America doesn't have  throwing snarky remarks at one another, parties behaving like a nursery school we all sit in horror and watch, debating one another. Neither one can fix America. But working together and remembering the fact that politicians are where they are by the hand of the American voter, getting Americans taken care of and fired up about recovery in a non partisan way and starting our days on our knees to our Heavenly Father we can do this. Obviously what we are doing has got to stop. It's not working. We are drifting farther out to sea with no port in this storm. Pray for your country. Pray for both President Obama and Gov. Romney every single day. They are both in need of that desperately. Don't take sides.....remember what is at stake and I quote JFK by saying "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country". And pray. Every day.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


What a wonderful week I have spent. Last week Mike and I headed out to California to stay on the beautiful Queen Mary Hotel for a week. During October the Queen hosts "Dark Harbor" a Halloween/Frightfest celebration in their huge parking lots. We met up with friends on Sunday night to tour the maizes and be "terrified" by all types of ghouls and goblins. It was a super production and we all had a fun time being together. Earlier that day I had the privilege of meeting a sweet little doggie named Rosie. Rosie has her own Facebook page "Everything Rosie" and is the success story from a puppy mill and hoarder situation. A terrible, terrible situation in which she survived but has many, many physical problems. She lives now with  her mom Cinnamon and her dad out in California and is finally getting some much needed physical care but most importantly love and security. Mike and I were able to meet with Cinnamon at a park in Long Beach and spend a half an hour with her and sweet Rosie. It was the highlight of my time out there because it is such an encouraging and insightful story Rosie has to share! She is amazing and I will post pics soon of our meeting. Please visit and like her page on Facebook. She is a marvelous little wonder.

We also got to spend time with my 2 uncles and aunts that live in California. Drove up into the mountains in Wrightwood where one of my uncles still lives. Beautiful up there and the best Mexican food outside of Texas. :D We were able to spend all day and a great deal of the evening with them before heading back down to the Queen. I have a marvelous family.

We got together with our sweet friends Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza of Creative Juice/Craft Wars/Hot Glue Gun Helpers/Plaid Podgeables. They have also authored several books. They went to Dark Harbor with us and Steve's friend Kelly came along as well. Then on Wednesday they called me to let me know that had a huge surprise planned for me. When we got to the Filian's they whisked us away in a car for an "Underbelly of Hollywood" true crime/scandal tour, LOL. Their friend Jimmy who owns Glitterati Tours was our gracious and kind host and Mike and I were taken amazing places where true crime and scandals have occurred and I was in true crime heaven. We solemnly visited the cemetery where Natalie Wood (my fav), Marilyn Monroe and several other celebrities are buried. This afternoon was topped off by dinner at the infamous El Coyote where Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring et al had their last meal the night they were murdered by the Charles Manson gang. Steve made sure I got to sit in Sharon's "spot". The case has fascinated me, in not too morbid of a way, ever since it happened in 1969 and I was 14. I became engrossed in true crime at a much earlier age although I am sure that seemed strange to my Mom and Dad. It's the victims that draw me in. I can't begin to imagine for their families what it must be like to lose a loved one to a violent crime. I highly suggest if you are out in LA or Hollywood any time soon you contact Jimmy at Glitterati Tours. They have a Facebook page as well. Thanks again Jimmy for a once in a lifetime adventure.

We finished out the week with sight seeing, having lunch at an Armenian restaurant with Cathie and Eddie Filian, a moment of jealousy in Cathie's craft room and a great doggie bag to bring back. I enjoyed meeting little Maxie, their dog. Dogs figured in big this week, LOL. Such sweet friends.

After we got back to the ship on Friday I went to the Princess Diana Tour that featured many of the Royal family's personal items but featured Diana's wardrobe as well as a few pieces of Katherine's outfits. There was a negligee that belonged to "that Simpson woman" and Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson's back up wedding gown which was breath taking. It was a lovely way to cap off a perfect day, our last full day and I was glad I had the opportunity to see these priceless items.

Our room, the Eisenhower Suite, was a step back in time in every single way you can imagine. The Queen Mary was launched in 1936 and is a palace of gorgeous Art Deco architecture and decorating. Mike's father H.L. Brod sailed her to Europe as a troop transport during WW2. He was in the Navy and it just made it all so personal and comforting to know he was once where we were then.  Our room was vintage and I could have stayed there for the rest of my life and been lost in the history and majesty of that beautiful ship and her interiors. She is a haunted ship and strange things did occur. Listed as one of the 10 most haunted places in the world she was a gem to explore and I closed my eyes and we were on the ocean crossing the Atlantic. Time stood still in our beautiful room and I hope before I go someday to spend more time with her. At least once more because she is just so special. I wish more liners had been saved rather than scrapped. In Philadelphia many people are at work trying to save and restore the SS United States. I urge you if you are a buff of the great liners, not these silly cruise boats, to see how you can be a help to either of these grand ladies and keep that part of the past alive for generations to enjoy and marvel at.

It was a perfect vacation, even though we flew into severe storms last night as we came in to Dallas but our pilot was good, we were safe and got some much needed rain. It was just the most wonderful week ever. Thanks and love to Rosie and Cinnamon, Uncle Bob, Aunt Ilene and Uncle Dale, Cathie, Steve, Eddie and JIMMY! Thank you for the time you gave us and the gift of your love and friendship. Mike's and my socks are officially rocked! God bless....