Monday, September 29, 2014

It's Me!

Time flies so very quickly. I thought after the boys were grown and gone our lives would slow down a bit and as we aged and our bodies broke down a little day by day it would be leisurely. Time still goes by at the speed of light or so it would seem. Mr. Mike is 61 and I will be 60 in 5 short months. Halloween is upon us and the decorating has begun. Christmas is right around the corner and I'm starting to plan and get ready for that.

We will have a no addition to our family in early spring. We are expecting our very first grand baby with our son and his lovely wife. We are absolutely giddy with excitement and thanksgiving. God is so good and mom and baby are doing well. I'm in a flurry of activity for that as well. Quilts, burp cloths, story books.....all occupy my mind daily and just the glory of it all fills our hearts with joy that only the Lord can bring. We are blessed and are praying for continued good health (with a bit of sickness during the day) and a healthy mom and baby next spring.

We will also be adding a tiny little boy to our animal family next month. A little male chihuahua puppy was rescued near Lubbock TX in July. Very tiny and covered in mange he was placed in veterinary care immediately by the good people of South Plains SPCA and is still in treatment for demodex mange. The vet said he had never seen so many mites and they have had a rough time getting him well. But the pictures of him have continually improved and hopefully in a month he will be ready to travel to our area. His name is Howie, he weighs approximately 5 pounds and the minute I saw his sad but sweet little face in August my heart opened up and I knew I must apply to adopt him. We were all surprised! I was the most surprised of anyone! My heart has been so dead and unfeeling since our sweet greyhound Chucky died in December. Stone cold dead. Nothing was getting in. I wanted nothing else but my sweet boy. I'm still not over the grieving process. I think when you watch a dog unexpectedly die in front of your eyes for no reason you can discern it does something to you that may never be healed. I know things I worked and witnessed in the fire service are imbedded in my soul. Things happen and you change. And hopefully adjust and don't end up with PTSS. So when I saw Howie I was amazed at the depth of my feeling. He is totally different from our greyhounds in so many ways and having a tiny dog is totally new for us! Howie's hair is still slowly but surely growing in and he is becoming very handsome but will need clothes to keep him warm. So for the first time I am shopping for cute little chihuahua clothes. He is just amazing. I can't wait to hold him for the first time. We are so thankful to his rescuer, his foster mom and the caregivers at the clinic. They saved 2 lives. 

As stated so many times in my posts before this blog is just for fun. Don't have many readers and when I vent that is probably a GOOD thing. I'm not a mommy blogger. I'm not a food blogger. I may blog about my 30 something year old kids, my pets and my passion of cast iron cooking. There is no way on this earth I can compete with the wonderful bloggers out there who bring me joy each day. They are just awesome. So I guess I'll just be a cast iron cookin', pet lovin' grandma blogger who occasionally blogs and has fun doing it! If you are on Facebook check out my pages: Challenger's Memory, A Home For Howie, The Brod Abode and Cast Iron Cookin' in a Lone Star Kitchen! You can keep up with the Howie saga, get some recipes, shop early for Christmas and share animals in need there as well. Please stop by!

Challenger *Chucky* 2002-2013

The face that thawed a grieving heart.

Safe and comfortable as can be.
Sick little boy!

Howie meets the neighbor's cat.

Howie 1 week ago.

 Lots of love from Deb, Hoot and Howie! Save an athlete......adopt a greyhound!