Monday, July 11, 2016

Blogging and other things.......

It's been months and months since I have blogged. I haven't been much of a blogger. Period. I think maybe if I had started in my 20s rather than my 50s (and now 61) I would have kept up much better. I used to multi task much better when my kids were young, I was a firefighter/EMT, active in many volunteer organizations. I cooked all the time, crafted and sewed all the time and had great ideas for what would be posts today. I'm semi-domestic, I guess. I loved being at home with the boys and taking care of my home and gardens. I loved being active in the community, school district and the occasional political hoo hah. It's how I got to meet President George W. Bush, Kay Bailey Hutchinson and I think Rick Perry. Twenty two years brain is old; my memory older. But as I've grown older, maybe wiser, maybe more in much has been let go. I still love to volunteer and for the time being have been on the Highland Village Police Department civilian auxiliary for the past 10 and 1/2 years. I was assistant to the Children's Minister at our church for 10 years. I became a master gardener and did volunteer work where it was needed. But things have been rough the past dozen + years and I have changed a great deal. In 2010 I had a wonderful surgery. Scoliosis surgery for a condition I was diagnosed with at 13. I wore a Milwaukee brace for 2 years and the curve in my spine became acceptable. Over the years it became an 80 degree curve, was compromising organs and I felt ready to put my back in the hands of God and get it corrected. It went great and my back is so straight and as strong as it can be for an old lady. But it was not without after surgery complications. My left leg suffered and much of it is numb, I can't feel anything on the top of my left foot and my toes have remained swollen and crooked. I had the "crookedness" corrected in 2012 but they have slowly reverted to a new design. Eleven months after my back surgery I fell and broke my hip on vacation which also messed up my left knee. Poor leg, LOL. And it all changed me to a point where I simply can't do many of the things I used to be able to do and took for granted. I still love a new recipe, to sew, crochet, knit and craft all things but I've slowed down a great deal. So I totally realized I cannot compete with the wonderful, wonderful bloggers out there who I faithfully follow and I cannot emulate them either. I thought I wanted to. We are all unique and eventually have to go the path we decided to turn down. So that is what I am doing. I will still post recipes, crafts I do, pictures of my decorating for holidays and get togethers and of course, my beautifully perfect grand daughter, my amazing crafty cockatiel ( who now has a friend) and my precious little rescue chihuahua, Howie. But I will speak my heart about issues today that mean everything to me and they will be my opinions alone. I think this will be a good "venue" to express those concerns rather than Facebook where someone is always ready to be offended, statements misunderstood and I'm tired of basically dealing with many people who have no common sense whatsoever. Do I? I think I have a good dose of it and that is what our country is sadly lacking. If anyone cares to read my blog I welcome comments, no matter what. But Facebook is so snarky I've just given up on trying to exercise my freedom of speech and expression. Unfortunately it's not so free any longer.

Last week, we in the Dallas metroplex had a very harsh blow dealt to our law enforcement officers, the Dallas Police Department and those of us who support the police in whatever way we can. It should be the beginning of the end of so much hate in America, but it is just the beginning I fear. My heart is broken as are other's. Our Dallas officers had absolutely nothing to do with the good or bad shoots that went on last week in our country. I myself will wait until all the facts are in because I no longer trust the news and certainly Facebook is the worst place to get facts.  Are there bad cops? Yes. Are there cops that need up grow up a bit before they pin on that badge? Yes. Are there those who don't trust a certain group of people? Yes. Are there cop haters? Citizens who chant "pigs in a blanket", who do we want dead now? Dead cops now. Fry 'em up like bacon"? You bet and countless other things I have heard that have thankfully flitted out of my mind. So much hate. Why do minorities hate whites and especially white cops so badly? Yes, the majority of blacks were treated badly a million years ago; it has nothing to do with now or me! Get over the hate and anger for something that happened so long ago.....I get it. But it has nothing to do with now. Are certain groups treated differently by different races? Yes, but don't paint us all with that broad brush stroke. I don't deserve it. Not all cops deserve it. Quit hating whites; quit hating blacks. Quit whining about what you don't have, what you think you are owed and go out there and make something of yourself. Become a cop! Be part of a solution instead of part of the problem. Is rioting and killing innocent police officers and each other how you deal with your anger? Just stop it. I'm tired of being blamed and hated. I'm tired of worrying about the officers I volunteer/work with. I put on my uniform and am just as much a target as the police are. People don't care anymore who they take it out on just so they can make a statement or mindlessly scream about something they probably couldn't write a paragraph about. Stop buying into the hate and stop being the problem. The "demonstration" in Minneapolis this weekend was evil. People throwing Molotov cocktails, rocks, pebbles, rebar at the officers? Do they deserve that? Do you deserve to be shot because you are trying to kill police who's hands are tied by the powers that be and our constant chastising of whites and police by our government leaders? If you came after me like that I would take it badly. Your life or mine? I will take your's and until lawbreakers, rioters, murderers, thugs, etc. are put in their place once and for all it will continue. It can be stopped by you or not. Your choice. Just stop it. Get over yourself. Protest peacefully. Go to your city leaders, state and national and make your concerns known. Don't kill, don't riot, don't try to kill cops, act like a human being and change what is going on in this country. I will not stand for the hate and disrespect anymore. I will not put up with the people who choose to go off on their tangents while forgetting lives were lost in the past week. ALL lives matter. Change your anger and hate into something positive and work to make things better. I will no longer feel guilty for being white, supporting the police, making something of myself or believing in God and being a Christian.  I WILL make a difference; will YOU? Wake up and make America whole again. Come together and make our leaders bring us together instead of tearing us apart. "I refuse to see hate live while love dies."