Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm still here!

Actually, I wrote a nice, long blog the other day.  Computer went off line and it was gone.  Couldn't even find it in the draft area. I will try to do better.  Is anyone even reading this?

Last winter I was diagnosed with celiac disease which is an auto immune delight!  I initially ignored all the warnings and my doctor's instructions because it was kind of "so what".  After beginning to research, I found so many of my health problems could, COULD, be attributed to celiac and having celiac is dangerous in and of itself.  My doctor told me if I did not follow a gluten free diet, I have a 16% higher chance of colon cancer.  Again, my response was, "that's all?"  I'll wing it.  I bought some books on Amazon and started reading.  I won't go into the list of side effects you MAY have if you have celiac but suffice to say it scared the peewaden out of me.  Gee, I may not be anemic anymore, or fatiqued all the time or really depressed.  The list went on and on and ofcourse, it would be lovely if gluten free cured all of the side effects.  I've been anemic a great deal of my life and now I hope I know why. So, I will be blogging about gluten free as well.  I thought I might do a mini Jule Powell/Julia Child experiment and bake my way through, say, 50 recipes before Christmas.  I would love to be talented enought to write a Christmas food related gluten free cookbook.  I LOVE to bake at Christmas and am dreading this year.  My favorite rum balls?  No more so I'll will be experimenting with our favorite recipes and will definitely share that as well.  I need a source for gluten free vanilla wafers for sure.  I bought some peanut butter cookies today that are gluten free.  They taste good but are not moist and fall apart if I look at them.  We shall see.

I've been working diligently on getting my Etsy store open and will be spending alot of time doing that, I pray.  But, I am using up supplies I've had for years and plan to sell supplies as well.  There are so many talented people on Etsy and I'm glad we have a place to sell our stuff.  But, with that said, I'm going to publish this, search thru a new gluten free baking book I received today from Overstock.  Maybe I'll blog my way thru that!