Saturday, July 27, 2013

The State of our Union

Tomorrow Mike and I will celebrate our first date 41 years ago! He didn't remember the right date when I asked him as men are sometimes want to do. I'll let it slide this time. Who knew 41 years ago when he took me to feast at Pancho's Mexican Buffet (all you can eat for $1.49) and then to one of the most lovely older theaters in Dallas that would be it for both of us. II can't remember the name of the theatre but it was elegant and beautiful. And I could still climb stairs without screaming in pain. We saw The Godfather. There were embarrassing parts and the violence and language was so colorful for a simple 17 year old like me but it was a good movie, to say the least. We had a nice time. That summer I was kind of dating around (that sounds weird) but after that night I never went out with or looked at another guy. Mike and I had known each other for several years. He and I both worked at King's Rexall in Lewisville. We had our first fight there. He worked in the pharmacy (shades of things to come) and I worked the lunch counter there. Remember those? Best food ever. He asked me to fix him a grilled ham and cheese which I did and then all HE did was complain about it. I refused to speak to him for 2 more years. And, the rest is history. So if we had known on July 28, 1972 that we would have a lovely daughter in law (and 2 onery boys) celebrating her birthday on the 29th of July we would not have believed it. As I grow older and more broken down and older and....... things like that have a very special meaning now. What if we could have seen our future then on the big screen rather than The Godfather? Would we have changed plans or done things different educationally? I don't know but a year and a month later we would be married. August 18, 1973. Mike was 20 years old and had is sights set on pharmacy school and I was 18 prepared to get my PHT (put hubby through). And 6 1/2 years later we would have our Joshua Michael and 2 years later our Jordan William. And many years later our sweet Lauren Nicole. Times have not always been smooth. Pretty darn rocky in fact but God has blessed this union that He saw fit for creation and for that, and many more things, I am truly grateful. Even if Mike doesn't remember the exact day. Or the fact that I try at all costs to avoid stairs now. Or that we would serve on the same volunteer fire department for a combined total of 25+ years. Or that this evening I would be sitting out on a gorgeous patio next to my koi pond which hubs built for me in a labor of love. Tomorrow is a special day. The true beginning. Not the grilled cheese episode for which he is still majorly wrong about. And here we are.......

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Good News

Wonderful news overnight. Little Jackson has taken a turn for the better. While he is still gravely ill he is fighting and God is answering prayer. Prayers of many and I am thankful for friends who will step right up and fight along beside the little guy. Why do things like this happen? Again, I have no answer but there is where that word faith comes in again. It is what gets us through while waiting on God's divine answer. Praise God. I don't know what happened to the family who are making life support choices for the young man who suffered a massive heart attack. Please continue prayer for them and that our Lord will cloak them in the peace that passeth all understanding.

We are supposed to have cooler temps in north central Texas today. Only 94! I have planned to craft and sneak in some time making more garden art. I have one to make for a friend who wants to barter. Can't beat that. Hoot and Boo give a shout out or should I say squawk out to everyone! They received a new rope perch yesterday mounted to the outside of their cage for playtime and they are having a good time. Stay safe everyone and try to stay cool wherever you are today. Remember to pray for OUR country and her leaders especially during this time of awful unrest around the world.

Quote for today:  I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever."  ~~ Thomas Jefferson, 1781  Notes on the State of Virginia

Monday, July 8, 2013

I really haven't gotten any better keeping up with this blog. How will I ever be famous, LOL? Everyday I see many blogs that are just fabulous. The talent out there takes my breath away. The photos? Oh my goodness.....I just have to dream on. I've mastered the camera on my iPhone and that's about as basic as it gets. I guess Ree Drummond really started a fad in photographing each step used to create her fabulous recipes. I'm more the "here is what you need" "to make it look like this".  Or a picture of the finished product maybe. I guess what I'm getting to is don't expect the same from this blog. This will be more of a few recipes shared by me, crafts created by me, gardening etc. If anyone ever does read my humble blog please feel free to post recipes, crafting ideas, good movies you've seen....just simple ordinary everyday things shared by friends.

It's been my desire so many times to speak from my heart on Facebook. I do love Facebook but sometimes it just gets so ugly with contrasting opinions, statements meant one way and taken the other, religious or political views sparring at every turn. But, if we weren't allowed to form our own opinions and beliefs what kind of life would that be? I've seen many friendships strained to the breaking point over very important but mostly silly things. My thought is this: I believe what I believe. No one on earth  will every change my religious views. Ever. They are based entirely on the Bible, God's word and what it says is what it means. Do I always live my life like I gave a hoot about God? Absolutely not and that shames me. I'm a hot head (thank you Daddy) and am passionate about what I care about and people I love. I would love to be able to say how frustrated I am with politics, the justice system, religious views without any back lash from people I consider friends. I encourage every friend I have on Facebook to post what they believe. What they are passionate about.  Maybe someday but extremists on the right and left sides both cause a great deal of angst and ultimately do nothing to further their cause. So sad. So I will leave my frustrations here on the days I am all "hopped up" about something and encourage others to do the same. Respect other's opinions and the only thing worth passionately agreeing on is God.

I got a phone call from our church phone tree today. One of our members nephew who is 29 had a massive heart attack. Now the family has to make a decision about life support. It almost brought me to my knees to hear that. What a tragedy. One I cannot begin to wrap my mind about. Younger than our 2 boys. How and why would and could this have happened. God is in charge even when we can not seem to find Him anywhere.

Then tonight a friend on Facebook asked for prayers regarding her months old grandson, Jackson. He was born with some cardiac issues. He has had multiple surgeries and now tonight he is in the hospital with congestive heart failure. It's touch and go. No one knows what will happen. How do we find God in this? How could a precious little baby be so critically ill after all he has gone through? I do not know but my heart is bleeding for that sweet family tonight and praying that little Jackson might be spared again. God IS good. ALL the time. I'm still waiting on answers for prayers that have been made over the years but the Bible teaches us there will always be an answer. We may just never know it has been answered. Faith is what I live on because I don't think I could have survived some of the things I've gone through without that precious word.

So here we are tonight. Very ill boys and families that need prayer. Life will go on tomorrow with all the hoopla about George Zimmerman, jetliner crashes, immigration, health care, all the political shenanigans. And we need to be on our knees for all of the above.