Monday, June 2, 2014

Life's a Hoot!

What has the Brod Abode been up too? Hmmmm so many things have gone on the last month or so. This Brod has become a Food Network addict. Again. And that is awesome because now all I want to do this "going to be Texas hot" summer is try new recipes! IF ONLY I didn't have to go to the grocery store. My dream kitchen would include a never ending pantry. Need it? It's there. Ah, I can dream. The boredom factor has been so great I've succumbed to the temptation of General Hospital again. First time in maybe, 20 years? Getting old is extremely interesting and so is double cataract surgery. And the rules that accompany said surgery. I think I have discovered that they have discovered I can be an ornery patient. I guess another old thing. An old EMT, VBG. So no bending, lifting heavy things, gardening, being out in the wind, no anything at all that might allow something to get in my eyes. I get that. I do. And the resulting eyesight is awesome. It's not perfect but we knew it wouldn't be 20/20. I've worn glasses since 4th grade. I never had 20/20. But dang, colors are brighter, lettering crisp ( a little bit off on the right eye) and I'm trying to get used to cheapy reading glasses and real sunglasses again! I wore contacts for several years but then the new soft ones came out and we didn't get along very well. It was all a bother so I just gave them up. So while I'm not gardening for up to 5 weeks, and going crazy imagining the morning glory from the neighbors climbing up my tomatoes and peppers I'm getting a lot of knitting done and falling back into old TV habits. The Crafty Cockatiel is getting very spoiled being my nurse and constant companion. The cage or playing by himself holds no fascination for the little critter. I love him BUT. And his knitting skills utilizing his beak need some work. So "we" will continue to knit a zillion scarves by the time I can go back outside and garden and be in the constant north Texas wind. It's impossible to avoid getting out in it but I've been advised, for the doctor's sake, to stay in and take it easy. Who filled him in on my propensities? I try to sit there looking all old and innocent and I know he has my number. Hopefully, please Lord, he lets me off the hook in a couple of weeks. And life can get back to normal, sorta. 

Normal life is not. As many of you know, after 38 years in pharmacy without a hitch, Mr. Mike will be laid off this month. It's how you celebrate your tenth anniversary with a company. They close. Party anyone? Soooooo at this stage in our lives we face a bit of an unknown future. Will there be another job for someone his age, in a saturated market (lots pharm schools here in Texas) along with nearly 200 other pharmacists being laid off at the same time in the D/FW area? Will I be able to find a job at my age with no real marketable skills. Exactly. I can do lots of things and have but can I still work on patients like I once did? Can I learn new computer skills and the latest trends in lab work? Can I be a pool boy? And not fall in a pool? Oh, we don't know what God has planned but it will be an adventure none the less as all things are turning out to be in these "golden years". So that's it from the Brod Abode. Now back to knitting (BTW scarves are for sale!) and watching The Crafty Cockatiel sleep on my shin. Life's a Hoot!

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  1. You are hilarious! Awesome blog! Praying you can recover in 1/2 the time!