Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Falling Into Fall

Even though the temps are still hot here in north Texas, the air has changed. At least it seems that way to me. Grasping at straws.....quite possibly. LOL  But regardless, it lifts my spirit and I'll take that any day.

Fall is my favorite time of year. Opening windows after living in air conditioning for months on end and before buttoning up for the colder air of winter and the heater. The leaves on our ornamental pears begin to turn a beautiful shade of maroon, the neighbors' trees are a riot of gold and orange and the leaves begin to fall. Yard work slows down. I swear every year I'm going to have a wonderful fall veggie garden and every year it doesn't happen. I have always believed we will have better luck in the fall rather than our non existent spring that quickly melts into a hot and dry summer. One of these years I will have to follow through. Have you had a successful far garden? Texas weather can be so strange but I still have hopes of getting a garden in. Some future fall.

As the weather cools down I feel like cooking and baking more as well. When I go to the grocery store all of those gorgeous fall and fall food magazines call out to me to bring them home. And I used to be really good about rescuing a bunch, LOL.  And I have saved them. WAY too many of them so I made up my mind to no longer adopt so many holiday magazines. I was really planning on not adopting any at all. Then I went to the store on Monday. Oh, there are so many lovely magazines screaming to be tossed into my basket at the Hickory Creek Walmart. So many other Wallys have really cut back on the good selections they used to have but not at Hickory Creek.  And specialty magazines are no longer very cheap. We are talking 9.99 and 10.99 and I could have easily spent 40 or 50 dollars and come home blissful. Until it came time to find a place to squeeze them in to my hoard. And once again realize I must not bring any more home. But one did jump into my basket. I have loved all of the Taste of Home publications for many, many years. So when I saw the 2015 Halloween issue I snatched it up to thumb through. My criteria for buying a craft or cooking magazine is that it must contain at least 4 projects or recipes that I might actually make. And many times I do make those goodies. Of course, THIS issue had the most wonderfully fun recipes and craft projects, so guess what I brought home? I've picked out several recipes to fix for our October game night which we will have at our house for the family. So excited to give these a try. Double Helix Pasta Salad, Edible Atoms, Brainy Cake, Jack O Lantern Biscuits, Spellbinding Sangria???? Do I have your attention yet? Now if I can just resist Thanksgiving and Christmas temptations.

 Doesn't it look delicious and fun? Really cutie craft ideas and directions as well! Do you hoard holiday magazines? Do you just snap them up or do you have a "criteria" for shelling out the bucks?  Do I need an Intervention?  Happy pre-fall y'all!!

Love Deb, Howie, Hoot and Tippi (who you will meet soon)

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  1. finally found your site, as I am on my laptop after a year. I have been so used to the ipad that I feel awkward typing with two hands. sure is faster than my ipad one finger way!
    I love Taste of Home recipes ever...I have some of their tiny ones from the 70's or 80's yet! I know what you mean about food and craft mags taking over the house!
    Have a great rest of Feb!
    I am still blocked on FB for 12 more days...they said I do not meet their community standards for posting a comment on there....evidently, only people who use the F word, are profane, and are libs are allowed to be on FB. We conservatives are banned continually.