Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Catching Up.......AGAIN!

Oh my goodness! How long has it been? And how to leave the readers hanging? Are you out there? LOL I think about the blog often and what I need to share and post and the pictures I want you to see. I think a lot! :0 So today I will catch up with our grand daughter's wonderful journey and all the other good stuff going on at The Brod Abode. Guinevere Isabella was the phone call we got that day in February. She was to be born a month early and it was a wild ride for the next few weeks. But...........

Our grand daughter, Izzy, has thrived. She is growing like babies do and she is the blessing of our lives. Our home looks like a day care center which is as it should be! She and I have been spending a great deal of time together the past few weeks. Her daddy, our youngest son Jordan, plays in an ice hockey league. In July during a game his skate got stuck in the ice while he was trying to get the puck and he broke his ankle. Now, Jordan is a stay at home dad. Our sweet daughter in law Lauren is an amazing engineer and has a wonderful job working with some of Jordan's team mates and works hard to provide for them. I myself am thrilled that one of them is able to stay at home with her at this point. Being a stay at home mom was a blessing for me beyond explanation. Oh, there were days.......we ALL know those, but the boys have always been positive about me being able to stay at home. The other grandmother and I have been dividing up time keeping her. The first couple of weeks I spent up at the kids' house but last week Lauren began dropping her off at the house which has been rejuvenating. I always felt when the boys left for their lives after high school that my life and job was basically over. Here they are 35 and 33 and I still wish every day they were home and little again. Oh there has been plenty to do all these years but that basic "mothering" emotion ingrained in me has never been able to totally let go of the empty feeling the kids leaving left me with. Now I get to temporarily be a stay at home grandma for a precious little girl and silly as it sounds, I feel whole again. And even though she was born a month early, she is a bright, inquisitive, happy little girl whom we thank the Lord for every day.

Hubby Mike and I continue to adjust to living apart due to his job in another city. We had so much rain this spring and beginning of summer and severe weather. I was worried sick about his temporary living quarters in our fifth wheel. We all survived even though a tornado did hit fairly close to where my mother lives. God took care of her that day for sure. I managed to spend a few days down at "Mike's Place" this summer and the park he lives in and Howie and I enjoyed it very much. Lots of new smells for wee Howie and he championed being a trailer mutt quite well and we had a wonderful time. Especially at the cross stitch store I discovered! So the trip helped me get to stitchin' again.

SO looking forward to fall temps that are less than the humid 90s and triple digits. It's time to start decorating for this special time of year that kicks off the holidays officially for us. I have a great deal of decluttering and organizing to do as I've fallen off the housekeeping wagon the past several months. But I look forward to the challenge of picking myself up and getting in the game again. The work separation from Mike, my mom's surgery and the early birth of Izzy were all the excuses I needed to let go of everything I used to be a perfectionist about and allow the craziness of everything we were dealt take over. Now it's time to get serious, dust myself off and celebrate my favorite time of year.

I leave you with a few pictures of Howie's and my trip to the wonderful town of Keene Texas in June. xox

Spatulas Up!!

Fancy Stitches in Cleburne Texas.

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