Thursday, December 26, 2013

The State of Political and Religious Affiliations

Is anyone sick to death of the name calling and the blame game? It gathers speed each and every day and it almost makes my head swim. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day the family sat around and talked about different "religions" and political parties. Frankly I think the various religions, for the most part, are more a hinderance than an actual help. We all have preconceived notions of what each might possibly mean and when I tell people I am now a southern Baptist rattlesnakes and loony tunes light up their eyes and I quickly explain I don't really believe in all the hoopla over "what religion are we." I grew up without any affiliation at all. And I was fine. And becoming a Baptist with my husband didn't make me believe one iota different. When our youngest son was married he was married in the Catholic church. Now the precious deacon who performed the ceremony is one of the most awesome men I have ever heard speak. Half of the church, for the most part, were Catholic and the other half were Baptists or non-denominational. And Deacon Ray nailed it. We were so blessed by the service and it was then I knew for sure that we all are not that different at all. It was beautiful and I will never sit at another wedding that was as fine as the sweet Deacon performed. There are three inescapable "rules" for me: Jesus was born of a virgin, He went to the cross to die for OUR sins, every single one of us deserve the death He died. For us. He was buried and 3 days later He rose from the dead. And you know what? All we have to do is believe those 3 little things and ask Him to come into our hearts, forgive our sins and Believe in Him. Different religions do things a bit differently and certainly tag on some extras that I don't agree with but that shouldn't matter at all. Believe. He was born. He died for us. He rose again and is preparing a place for us to go someday. And He lives in our hearts and should guide our lives. That is where my downfall begins. WWJD? FROG? Yeppers, I'm really bad at that. A lot of the time. Too much. But let's not muck it all up with Catholic, Church of Christ, Baptist, Methodist......Believe as we are told to do in the Bible. Believe and you will be saved. Lose the labels. We have a huge war to fight against the darkness of this earth. We have a choice to make. There are religions that we will have to fight because they believe Christians should be killed. And the moderate ones of those religions never speak out. Christmas Day was a new blood bath for Christians living in the middle east. Because they believe. And they died for their Savior. Which we should all be willing to do. God bless them. I am so proud of them and am heart broken that they were killed for our Savior. As a child I never believed anything like that would happen in America but it has, it is and it will. Choose this day whom you will serve......Rise up Christian Soldiers.

I am going to have to make this a two parter I guess. It occurred to me today while I was in the shower (GREAT thinking place) all the recent political name calling and party blaming needs to be closely examined. My belief is when the Republicans blame the Democrats and when the Democrats blame the Republicans, etc. they are laying the blame right at our doorstep. At our feet. Because we, as the voters, put these people into office from nationally right on down to our very own backyard. They are saying WE are stupid, stubborn, arsonists, terrorists, people with bombs strapped to our chests. In blaming the "party" they are blaming the "voters".  More tomorrow. Or the next day. I don't like having that at my feet. I am offended by it. I want someone to go to bat for us. The ACLU? Doubtful.....what a shame.

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