Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Special Needs Pets

I have been very vocal about special needs pets for quite some time. Following the death of our beloved girl Rosie, I was given the opportunity to draw even more attention to what mainly is the cause of these poor little creatures. I think every problem in the world can be traced back to greed. There is a group of people who start out taking dogs, cats, etc. in and end up being a pet hoarder in spite of the good intentions of their hearts. I can most certainly identify with that. I would be an animal hoarder. I know this in my heart. And since I'm just shy of 60 they would become too much for me to handle. There are days the cockatiels (Boo and Hoot) our rescued greyhound Chucky and all the beautiful fish in my koi pond become overwhelming. But I love each and every one of them. The fish have names. They are precious to me. And there are days I don't know how I will go on with life when they die. And the bottom line on many breeders today is money. Greed. And they breed and breed indiscriminately and another Rosie is born. And they are born and born and born. They are neglected as was Rosie and it is truly a miracle when they survive on their own again, as Rosie did. And there are so many other stories to be told. And then there are the rescuers. Who have saved so many and put up with the terrible remarks about what they have done, about the animals and personal attacks on them. I will tell you that it hurts. It hurts badly because I have witnessed this. Hearts have been broken again this week as more rescuers, doing everything medically possible to fix these little broken bodies, lose the fight for life. From the kitten I rescued who had been bred and bred to have no tail (Manx) and lost after 3 weeks of daily enemas at the vet's, washing his little bottom time and time again during the day and holding him in my arms, he was so tiny, and praying and willing him to get better until the surgeon said there was no repair for his bowel problems. He was loved by everyone who met him because he was a tiny orange fluff who was so happy and yet so sick. I always feel like I let Simba down. And then I tell myself I was so lucky to take him in when he was no longer wanted and gave him the best 3 weeks of life I could give him. He was saved after all. But my brain knows that; my heart doesn't very much. I still grieve for him as do many of my family members. And then there was Emma Rose. We lost our first greyhound rescue, Holly Rae, in March of 05. We had had her a little over 5 years. We were devastated when she developed bone cancer and we had to let her cross over. I gave myself a month and then decided to adopt a senior female greyhound. Emma Rose was 9 1/2 years old when we got her. Her story was not happy. And after a few months we noticed she was having some major urinary tract problems. Fast forward 11 months later when we found an inoperable tumor near her bladder. Two girls in less than a year and I felt like I failed her. We really never did get her back emotionally so she was still broken as far as I was concerned and then we had to let her cross over. None of us, including our precious vet Nub Neighbors could believe we were going through with it again so soon. But there comes the saving in spite of our hearts. I got up with Emma multiple times each night and cleaned the carpet more than I can say. We did everything we could do to make sure she didn't suffer while we were trying to find out what was wrong. Saving by losing. That is how I try to comfort myself and someday I will be convinced.

Bottom line: consider adopting a senior or a special needs animals. People will tell you to put the ugly blankety blank thing to sleep, they might make fun of you and your baby.....the list goes on forever. Greedy breeders. Broken bodies. Broken hearts. It doesn't stop.

Over the next several days memorial services for Rosie will occur around the world. Around the world? Are you kidding me? For a little pink dog? You bet. She touched lives because she was different with a little broken body but not her spirit. Nope. The strongest spirit I have ever seen. I still see her little blue eyes, her soft little pink skin, her misshapen feet and nails. I still remember how it felt to kiss her and tell her I loved her. And she will be remembered around the world. For further information see Everything Rosie on Facebook and Remembering Rosie or leave me message here. I will get the information you need.

This blog is dedicated today to Rosie and Miss Trixie. Two dogs with stronger hearts than we humans have who have made a difference in this world for the underdogs. Literally. And we have been blessed to be a part of their story.
Please check your pet adoption centers to see if their is a special needs animal that NEEDS YOU!

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