Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gosh, how did we get so old?

Today is Wednesday. Enchilada Wednesday. I try to take it easy on Wednesdays so I actually feel like going out in the evening. I am old. I've dealt with so many issues but you know? In light of what others are dealing with my health issues are small. I am grateful for that. Thank you Lord. But by the end of the day, even if my accomplishments are minor, I'm exhausted. Ready to get my legs and feet in bed and watch TV and do something crafty. So until I feel comfortable enough to wear my PJs, no makeup and closed eyes to El Fenix I will continue to take it easy. How did I get this old? I was a JV Cheerleader. I played football and baseball in our pasture. I was a firefighter. I was a size 3 when I entered high school and left at size 5-7. The shades of things to come.....

So today I was looking through YouTube and finding bands I liked in the 80s. Trying to stay off the news although I think Chris Christies's speech was a prelude to what will come on 2016. If I believed that politicians made a difference anymore or give a damn about Americans I might have paid closer attention. The very way the witnesses or whatever, are being treated by the congressional hearing is petty, sarcastic and very sad. Something to defintly expect on Facebook but not in congressional hearings. Everyone is frustrated. Rise above that behavior no matter how badly you want to pull out the snark card. I digress.....looking at newer videos I was like "my Lord, they are old. What happened to them?" And then I took a gander of my hands and realized how my neck looks like a turtle and my face a road map, LOL. We have all aged bands and fans alike. Well, except for Keith Richards who, bless his heart, has looked like something off The Walking Dead for years. Keith, you have my permission to dis me as much as you choose. But dang, some of them still sound so good and so many bands have new lead singers which on principal I refuse to listen to. Until today. Some of the newbies are pretty good. But newbies your band will die out way before you do so you might take that into consideration. My precious Eagles. Yep, we all look pretty old. Except for you my darling Joe Walsh. You've stayed about the same but in a good, funny, hysterical way. And I love your comedy and your songs. You will always rock as will you Steve Perry. The Eagles who wrote "Get Over It" because of a newscast Don Henley had watched/listened to prior to coming to the studio. It says exactly what needs to be said (except on Facebook) and I admire them for putting it out there. So we have all aged quite a bit but we can still rock on. If it's on a Wednesday. When I try not to tire out or throw a hip, knee or back. Yeah, aging can be a good thing for all of us. God bless, pray for our nation, her leaders and bring God back. He is our only hope. Also, on Hannity tomorrow night on Fox (OH NO) Sean will be speaking with the Rev. Billy Graham. What a special man and I got to see him in the early 70s at Texas Stadium. It was an event that will remain in my heart with fondness. What an honor to hear this precious man of God speak in person. So watch Rev. Billy and let him bless your life as he tries to bring America back to where it used to be.

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