Friday, October 25, 2013

Rosie Speaks Out

Hi my sweet friends, this is Rosie. Aunt Deb asked me to guest on her blog today. She's from Texas y'all and I met her last fall with my Mom. She talked funny but we had a very good time. She will never forget our meeting and I will never forget meeting each of you over my short life. It made me a happy dog to be loved by so many. I was the luckiest dog alive. But I know my trip over the bridge has been hard for all of you. But I want you to know: I keep my eyes on that bridge every single day to see what friend or loved one crosses over. I can run now and you know I will be running with a smile on my face and give you the biggest greeting ever. So don't be sad. There is a beach next to the bridge which I lounge at each day. And guess what? I don't have to use sun screen any more! Isn't that great? I have all of this fur all over me now. I am stylin' I tell you. My legs and toes work perfectly too! When I got here one of my cat friends offered to do my nails, in BRIGHT pink of course, and it was the most wonderful pedicure ever. If you can find a cat to do your nails, then go for it. I kissed her all over but I'm not sure she liked it. I do look quite a bit different now. I have fur, legs that are strong and my gorgeous feet. My eyes are a bright blue now and all of my teeth grew back in. Straight! I'm thinking of having them whitened very soon. But as good as I look and as wonderful as I feel you would know me in a heartbeat. My ears are still really big and very pink and when I crossed I left a little piece of myself in each of you. Especially my mama Cinnamon and my daddy Eddie. They have the greatest love of all for me and I left a huge part of myself there with them so they wouldn't miss me so badly. But I want them to miss me a little. But don't be sad. You saved my life! You got my story out because you wouldn't give up and you wouldn't let people discourage you. You gave me the greatest life ever. EVER! Do not forget that and when you are sad talk to me. Because I listen still. Even when I'm lying on the beach by the bridge or the cat is doing my nails. I think of you and listen in all the time. I will never leave you.
I guess some people have been hurtful and ugly lately. Aunt Deb says snarky is the right word. And she was spitting mad last night after reading some of the hurtful remarks on my page. But the thing that bothers us the most is that they break my mom's heart. And that makes me sad in this happy place. Others here have said that the same thing has happened to their moms and dads. They said that is why people like pets so much. They never met one they didn't like. So sad that some people can't see how beautiful our lives are and have been. Because someone loved us. And believed in us. Those people don't know me or my friends. Because if they did they would be very sorry for the things they say. And don't know about. They do not have the love in their hearts that all of us have. And it makes us better dogs, ummm, people too! So for now we have to hope all of those people who do not understand or are so unhappy they are mean and hurtful will read my story. And there are lots more stories out there about pups like me. There are many still waiting to be rescued.  But the good fight has already started for us and more and more people will make sure there are no awful places like where we came from. So be strong because I am trusting each of you with my story. And my love. And remember all the good times and don't let the few spoil the life we all had together. I love each of you but mostly my mommie and daddy. I miss cuddling with you, I miss our trips, I miss my time on the beach with you and I miss all my friends who work with my mom and the wonderful doctor I had. But don't miss me too much. You still have a lot of work to do. I wish I could help you but my story is getting the word out so I am helping. 
Well, the cat is staring at me with lime green nail polish in her paw. I think her name is Macy and she belonged to Aunt Deb. She said she was dumped at the Galleria parking garage in Dallas by the Macy's store. But she was saved. And she knows she is still missed greatly but is happy now with all of us and her old friends that crossed over. Should I go lime? She says that's her mom's fave but it just won't look good with my beautiful pink ears. Oh well. This is the life! Don't be sad and don't be mad. I love you all so very very much. Mom and Dad you know how I feel.  Love and kisses from Rosie

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