Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I haven't gotten much better about blogging. Exciting new things. My back is doing so well and I participated in an article for the Dallas Morning News about scoliosis.  I have an appointment on Thursday for my 9 month check-up!!! Yay! And the photographer from the DMN will be there as well as a new patient for me to meet. We've visited on-line but now get to meet in person. I have had the wonderful opportunity to counsel prospective patients on the phone and the Southwest Scoliosis Institute has a super Facebook page to help us keep connected.  My friend Molly had her scoli surgery yesterday and since the SSI is right across the street from Baylor Regional Medical Center Plano, I'll be able to check in on her as well. Busy, busy Thursday. But so worth it.

I've started two new Facebook pages in addition to the Fan Page I help moderate for Cathie Filian and Steve Piacenza. My new pages are Extremely Crafty Hoarders and Extremely Crafty Hoarders Holidays. We are off to a great start already with fabulous members, so creative and fun. I love it. We are starting to plan for the holidays. Woo hoo! I look forward to doing creative things with my new found friends and talented craftsters.

Texas has been hot and dry this summer.  Mostly 100 plus days. The landscape has suffered a great deal. Here, in Highland Village, we are on water rationing so we don't get to water every time we'd like to. Hopefully we'll get a break in the weather soon. It's been a good time to stay in where it's cool. So sewing projects are finally getting done with more waiting. So many projects and not enough years left in life! LOL

We have a new addition to the family: a cockatiel named Boo. He was hatched in March, hand-fed and I picked him out at Petco earlier this month. He is so cute and I'm working to tame him. He's a nipper so I'm working out discipline with him and giving him "vocabulary" lessons each day, LOL. Hopefully he'll become a regular member of the family as our other pets have. He's a doll!!!!

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