Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday at the Brod Abode: Kitchen and dining ceilings are being sanded and textured today. Paint tomorrow and hopefully some decisions about the countertops. And then, the cleanup. Oh my goodness....I can't even begin to deal with that thought. But our home is being updated and I am grateful we can do this.

We had lovely thunder showers last evening and everything looks happy from the natural watering. The new pond filter is amazing. I wish we had had this in '01 when we begain a larger scale of this venture. My pond days started in 1999 with a 150 gallon Rubbermaid livestock tub. I put dwarf plants and a little fountain in there and it was good for a couple of years. But, the fish grew and grew so Mike and the boys, mostly Mike, dug and picked and axed and swore and carved out by hand a 1,250  gallon hole in Texas clay for our finned babies. The fever became more intense. Ponding is addicting and isn't always cheap. There are do it yourself filters and smaller/cheaper pumps but starting with those really isn't the way to go. Ask me how I know? This new filter is our 4th and it is finally perfect. Ofcourse, things have evolved over the years and gotten much better. But with koi, you have to think big and about pushing the envelope. I have limited myself to 4 and everyone is thriving so it must the right mix. They are so gorgeous that it would be easy to have a pond full. Mine are 18" to over 2 1/2 feet and they would grow larger if their environment were bigger. I'll get fresh pics after I clean up the area around the pond. Then, I will probably live out there with the speakers on, maybe some Grace Slick......and dream I am a fish.

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