Thursday, May 13, 2010

And the ceiling clean up continues.....LOL

I spent 2 hours in the house this morning and 1 in the back yard. I'm beginning to see the light of day in the den and the kitchen and dining room are getting back to normal. Now, the granite comes in on Tuesday and for a person who was totally against granite (that would be me) I'm excited beyond belief. I still am so grateful we found exactly the right blends I needed to make it work in my colonial style kitchen. When I go shopping for counters, furniture, etc. I tell the sales people to think east coast sea captain's the 1700's. You can see their brains rapidly working on how to get me out of there, LOL. I went in to Lazy Boy and told them that all of their furnishings were lovely, I didn't like any of them and to show me austere wing back recliner selections. They were shoved in a little corner all by themselves begging me to take them home. And so, we did. They are unbelievably comfy and exactly what I was looking for. I put them on either side of the fireplace and this past winter enjoyed reading the Twilight Saga in my chair by a roaring fire. I would post a pic but the den is still a mess of different rooms. I do have a cabinet that Mike built years ago that is my eclectic catch all. From arrowheads to Hummels, from CDs to vinyl albums and salt glazed pottery with a few Longaberger baskets thrown's us. It represents our love of these things. So one wall is not particulary "colonial" but it's us. I have my facsimile Nancy Drew books there as well. An extensive collection of the orginal, along with Dana girls, Cherry Ames, Trixie Beldon, Judy Bolton with a few Annette books thrown in are in my craft room on a shelf that spans one wall. I have Donna Parker as well. When I need light reading I pull out one and immerse myself in childhood once again. It's a GREAT thing.

Outdoors in my lasagna garden I got another tomato plant put in and 2 crookneck squash plants. I also put in curly parsley, Italian parsley and cilantro....3 herbs you shouldn't live without if you love to cook. I put another layer of newspapers down in the blank spots and piled more nicely rotted leaves on top. We're supposed to get rain the next few days so I hope that will make everything settle nicely. Remember, rotted leaves are your friend! Layer, layer, layer. I'll post pics as soon as I get them off the camera. Have a super afternoon everyone. xoxox

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