Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Day Is It???

Good mornng from the Lone Star State! Day 3 of the remodel: Not sure what all will get done today but I' m going window shopping. I have coupons for Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joanns so I might pick up some really cheapy stuff. My hair is nasty, probably has all kinds of "ceiling stuff" in it so this will probably be a hat day. One of my favorite days. I could go wild collecting and hoarding hats. I could do an entire wall in hats. I have a vintage Elsa Schiaparelli that belonged to my Mams, 1960's vintage. That is my prized possession. I love Elsa and Coco Chanel. And Madam Vionet, etc. You get the pic.

My comfort zone has become my craft room this week. Mike bought me a big screen TV for my birthday which makes it so much nicer to hang in here. My hoard is finally beginning to dwindle. I've been watching "Hoarders" on A&E so that kinda keeps me in check. Mike will ask why I'm watching that junk but it scares me to hear those people say, "I may need that someday" because I've said that a couple of hundred times myself. He has no idea how big my stashes are or he would nominate me for that show. Now I've started saving cute boxes, ie cereal, rice, dog food, etc. to die cut and make into jewelry or magnets. One never knows....

I'm off to make myself presentable to the world. That's probably a lost cause, LOL. Hugs to all and Happy Wednesday!

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