Friday, April 30, 2010

Politics etc.

Today a headline caught my eye on Yahoo's home page concerning former President George (Little) Bush.  Apparently the tide has begun to change in the public's opinion concerning the title given him as worse president ever.  I just shook my head in disbelief and shared the headline with the gentlemen working on my house.  My point was what a fickle bunch we Americans are.  I remember 6 months after President Obama won the election he was beginning to fall out of favor with several Democrats.  No, I can't cite the source but it was on Yahoo.  I don't read the papers nor do I watch local news.  All I could think in my mind was they were like a bunch of rats abandoning the ship they chose to sail on.  When I posted the link to the article on Facebook this morning, it was mostly  done with incredulity rather than a seed to start a Bush Bash.  But incite it did.  I'm just tired of it all.  We have been a fickle nation of extremely lucky people but the tide is starting to change, for some time now, for the worse and it is incumbant on us voters to make certain our political leaders are held to task for the decisions they make that affect all of us.  I subscribe whole heartedly to the phrase "Do you know when a polititian is lying?  Everytime his lips move."  Why is Bush's popularity on the rise?  Why did Democrats begin to grumble about Obama when he hadn't been in office for very long?  Ofcourse, it's all rhetorical and my belief is we are too far gone for anyone to do any good. No one will convince me to think any differently and I wouldn't think of trying to change anyone else's mind.  We are who we are, another advantage to being American in that we have been able to make choices that other nations can't.  For now.....

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