Friday, April 23, 2010

Noon update on the pond. We are still doing okay out there, thank God. My oldest koi, Yoko, I've had for 11 years. Yoko had a mate, Sushi, but she passed away about 3 years ago. And yes, they all have names. All the koi do and a couple of the comets, fantails and shubunkins. Denzel, my fantail that turned totally black, died a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE Denzel Washington and this fish was just as gorgeous as he is. The other koi are Arizona, Queequeg, and Poseidon. Arizona and Poseidon and Yoko are all males. Queequeg is the only female. Now, it is very difficult to "sex" fish but with koi, the different sexes have different behaviors and the males seem to be a bit sleeker. The females will let you pet them quite a bit but the males won't. How strange is that, LOL? I plan to work out back today and keep an eye on them. They are pretty ravenous since the winter fast so I will start feeding them high protein twice a day.

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